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Based in Montreal, Canada, SSENSE is a designer fashion and high-end streetwear company that specializes in womenswear and menswear. They have children’s clothes, electronics and skincare.

SSENSE is an online marketplace that buys from brands and boutiques online, as it does not have to set the price like other retailers. With a market-based pricing system, SSENSE can offer items at lower prices than in designer stores, since the retailer sets the price and other sellers may charge any price they want.

SSENSE is known for its affordable prices on designer products.

Overview of Ssense

Shipping: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

One major part of what SSENSE has been praised for by many customers is their quick and reliable shipping. They have sometimes fallen short on deliveries, but the majority of their customers say that shipping is superb.

Product Quality: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Most customers say they get high-quality products from SSENSE. There have been a few complaints about receiving a fake item but, for the most part, these claims are scarce.

Customer Service: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

But if something goes wrong with your order, they could improve by making the return process easier. Many shoppers agree that while their shipping is fast, returning faulty items is not always easy.

Best World Brands on SSENSE

Online, SSENSE has a catalog of womenswear and menswear from over 500 designer brands. Their category for trending consists of items in stock and ready to be bought for any occasion.

SSENSE showcases designer brands, as well as special releases such as Marine Serre womenswear and menswear. In addition to that, they’ve collabed with Off White, Burbury, Fear of God, and others.

Pricing SSENSE

Because of the nature of their products, SSENSE is always going to be more expensive with designer clothing compared to other retailers. They usually have discounts, however.

Alongside the suggested links section, you’ll see items from 10-80% off. This can amount to hundreds of dollars off an item, sometimes more!

SSENSE offers a price match and price adjust program to their customers. If you see an item cheaper on another website only to find it less than two weeks later, SSENSE will offer you a price adjustment.

SSENSE’s Womenswear Collection

With their huge selection of trendy clothing for every week and occasion, SSENSE has a wide variety of womenswear for you. Their clothing ranges from swimwear and lingerie, to active wear and jeans, all the way to dresses and jumpsuits.

With the thousands of items you can shop from, the SSENSE website gives you a lot to choose from. With that in mind, they also have a filter tool and other features such as sorting by size, color, brand and more to find your perfect purchase.

News on the Newest Men’s Collections

SSENSE has clothing for men with sleek styles of jackets, blazers, and sweaters, as well as casual jeans, shirts, shorts and underwear.

Their menswear accessories include backpacks, briefcases, jewelry, eyewear, watches, and more.