Crate Entertainment, a studio created after the demise of Titan Quest’s Iron Lore, has released one game since its inception 14 years ago. That game was the extraordinarily successful Grim Dawn, an action-RPG that went on to sell over 5 million copies. Today, they’re announcing their new project, Farthest Frontier, and it’s quite the departure.

With strong Settlers vibes, Farthest Frontier is a city builder with a very bucolic focus. You control a small group of settlers, establishing a town on the wild frontiers, taming the wilderness until it’s downright arable. Have a look at the trailer:

The goal here is not rows of gleaming skyscrapers, but rather an olde worlde city, supported by what Crate describe as the “most detailed farming system ever.” Farming Simulator might want words, but FF will offer ten different crops that grow in unique ways, requiring you pay heed to the likes of crop rotation and soil fertility.

Alongside the fields are the buildings. Farthest Frontier currently sports a promising 50 building types, with all the upgrades and advancements you’d expect from the genre. There are promises of villagers who “actively live their lives and perform their jobs in real time. Watch as villagers carry goods across town from remote work-sites to be processed into materials and crafted into items.” Then such items will be hand-delivered to specific homes as requested. Promises I think every city builder makes during development, then hides them in graphs by release, but maybe this time?