The Indian festive season is approaching, and you must decide on what to wear to each festival beforehand. One can never have enough festive wear in your closet. This peach-coloured suit set could be your choice to wear on any day during the Ganpati Utsav. You can also consider wearing this to a daytime wedding function too!

9 Minimalist Style Fashion Bloggers You Should Know

In fact you might be surprised to learn that I’m actually a massive fan of sleek, clean style with neutral colours and a ton of black and white.

I just can’t do it myself.

Seeing as I am so drawn to minimalist style I thought I’d bring you a selection of some of my favourite minimalist style fashion bloggers. These are the girls who live for black and white (and just occasionally a bit of grey or camel!) – they’ve got that Scandi-style art of dressing down to a tee (which, by the way, is always basic white or black).

There’s no over-the-top accessorising. There are no garish patterns or (god forbid!) print clashes. No bold colour combinations or rainbow brights. There’s just tailoring, all the neutrals, black ankle boots and lots of white sneakers.

It’s a style I really yearn for – however I just can’t get my head around wearing black and white when I feel the need to WEAR ALL THE COLOURS AND PATTERNS. But these girls do black and white with aplomb, and I can only imagine how easy picking outfits from their wardrobes must be. I wish I could clone myself or have an alter ego who dresses so sleekly and has the easiest time coordinating outfits. I’d love to know what’s like to be the girl who’s not forever wondering where her candy pink belt is because it would go perfectly with the lilac boots and burgundy trousers.

So this style may not be something I’ll ever embrace myself, but it doesn’t mean I can’t take elements and incorporate it into my style every now and then.