Happy Monday everyone.

This blog post is a really interesting one because it features the top life lessons that Michael & I have learned from years of podcasting.

We decided to make this subject an entire episode on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast. Be sure to listen for the entire list, but I wanted to share a few here so you get a little taste of the lessons we’ve learned.

We have been so fortunate to have had conversations with entrepreneurs, celebrities, authors, thought leaders & experts so obviously we’ve picked up a thing or 2 along the way.

This is a really good episode to listen to if you’re new to the podcast. It’s a great place to start to get a little snapshot into the kinds of guests we have, the topics we talk about & the things you can learn, without having to listen to all 400 + episodes.

So here are a few of the lessons that you can apply to your own life if you want, to start this new year off right or just keep in your tool belt for when you need them.

The Top Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Over 1000 Podcast Interviews:

♡ everyone has their own unique story.

Once you know this about people it makes you way more open to hearing more people’s stories & perspective. It makes you not so quick to judge & helps you have a flexible mind. Wouldn’t it be so boring if we all had the same journey & perspectives? There might be some people whose perspectives you don’t necessarily agree with but, hearing their opinions & thought process is eye opening & keeps you open-minded.

♡ struggle is the doorway to happiness.
We haven’t had one guest on this show whose story doesn’t entail some kind of struggle or hardship. For most high-achievers it just seems to be part of the process. And hey, it’s part of life. The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday is a great book to read if you’re interested in this concept. It’s all about how you need to get uncomfortable to get comfortable. Hardships & adversity is how you grow & reach your potential. I truly believe that there is no good without the bad.

If you want more of these kinds of stories check out any of the episodes with Khalil Rafati or this one with Joseph Naus.

♡ be yourself.
Duh. But, it deserves to be on here, it’s an important one to always be reminded of. The majority of the guests who are successful on this podcast, has found a place at the success table by doubling down on themselves, their interests & their successes. They are not trying to be anyone else, but themselves.

Every time you’re authentically yourself, showing up as yourself, you stand out as an individual, you stand out as unique. You stand out as different. And that gets people’s attention.
♡ you aren’t for everybody.